About Us

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Flash Rent a Car W.L.L is a Car Rental and Leasing Company which is managed and operated with a team of Professional Staff members with seven years of experience in the leasing market. At Flash Rent a Car W.L.L, we believe in providing you with excellent personalized customer service partnered with professional standards and reasonable prices. That is why we have dedicated our time in making sure that you have at your disposal a fleet compromised of a wide range of excellent, well maintained vehicles using only genuine parts. With several years in the business, you can trust us to provide you with the best in car rental services. We have a large selection of luxury and economy class cars, sedans, four wheel drives, pick-ups, vans and buses for you to choose from; all to give you unlimited options when it comes to choosing the best of your personal or corporate needs. Our friendly and highly trained staff is always ready to assist you with all your transportation needs.




       "We have a single common direction and purpose: adding values in everything we do. Our management and staff share ‘one vision of excellence' in all its dealings. This means across the board. We pursue the highest standards of services, standards that made us a trustworthy business partner. Individual attention is given to customers’ requirements."

General Manager